Friday 19 July 2019
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Sexual Preference and the Escorts

If you still find it too difficult to practice on yourself, you can also hold a mirror down there and look at yourself. More women do that and it is nothing to be ashamed of. This way you discover where everything is and what you can do best.

Talk to each other

It can also help to do some ‘dirty talk’ with each other in advance. Talk to each other about sex, about what you like and what you are unsure about. It can sometimes be difficult to find the one that excites the other. It is then very handy to have a type of road map in your head. That way both of you are prepared and the road to a good feeling can only be traveled better. From a lesbian escort this is a perfect deal now.

Get rid of those fake nails

The fake nail is a sharp no go. If you wear this, then dump it now. Those fingers without sharp nails are very necessary for lesbian sex. After this it is good to investigate how to finger. One woman will quickly cum by gently touching the clitoris, the other will love somewhat harder friction of the outer labia. Don’t be discouraged too quickly if she doesn’t cum after a little bit of finger work. That needs some time and searching and some also just have a little more trouble with the cumshot.

Don’t forget those breasts

Of course there are women who don’t like it when their breasts are touched, but there are also many women who really like it. So let’s test it out … Not immediately too hard, because some breasts can be quite sensitive. Touch them gently, squeeze the nipples lightly and kiss here and there a little on and around the breasts. If she likes this, you can try a little more about those beautiful female forms.

Can I come in?

If she is not troubled by vaginism and is positive about penetration, then you can come to her. Start with a finger and later possibly with several fingers. Build up the speed slowly and check in between if she still likes it. Stimulating the G-spot will be very nice for some women, others have little use for it. If you do not like this, first discover where it is with you. It feels a bit spongy. Finally, you can of course also use certain toys.