Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Finer Values for the best Escort Service

As soon as she approaches you, your heart turns into a Ping-Pong ball. We give you 5 tips for flirting.


We know that when you see her, you are paralyzed, except that she must not know it. A dude who is empty-handed is not ultra-sexy. Good if she likes you basic, she will find it “cute”. Being afraid is normal, but the more you trust yourself, the more you can show him the person you really are.


This is the golden rule, because as the saying goes, “who tries nothing has nothing”. If you have not spoken to him before, it’s time to find a hook. You go to the same high school or even the same class, so you’ll end up finding a pretext to talk to him.

Slowly please.

So girls, if there’s something she hates is the “hey mad’moizel you’re charming, would you say to go for a drink? “ You have time. It is better to put several weeks to flirt with the girl you like rather than to grill you the first time. The more subtle you are, the better your chances. You can play the card of humor or teasing, because “who likes, punishes well” (moment proverb hello.). The important thing is that there is a connection between you two. The Seattle escorts come perfect in this case.

Finer Values for the best Escort Service

Stay yourself

Do not try to be someone else. If you play sports just to please a girl, she will end up feeling it and will eventually find you name. Do it above all for you, because you want it and if in addition, it shares the same tastes as you so much the better.

Interested in her

I’m not talking to you about the simple “how are you?” the morning. To be interested in her means to find out what she likes (you will discover either that you have lots in common or not at all) but also how she is doing. Show him that you are attentive to her, that you want to know her and to be close to her. Without doing too much so far, we did not tell you to spend “instant relook”.